Trichology is the medical term for the study of the hair (and scalp) and all problems related to them. A trichologist helps people who have problems related to these areas. Some of these problems include excessive hair loss from the scalp, hair thinning, severe breakage after receiving a chemical service, a bald patch which has suddenly appeared or itching and excessive scaling of the scalp.

A comprehensive consultation and diagnosis programme in one of our clinics will be the first step to understand the scalp condition and severity of hair loss or hair thinning and hair growth cycle. Backed by scientific explanation and supported by medical evidence, our Medical Doctor–Trichologists and certified Trichologists will advise you on the treatment or prevention regime. You will be involved in this process and make an informed decision for a healthier scalp and hair. Your present lifestyle, external factors and full medical history will be required for diagnosis.

Once we have established the cause of your hair loss, we will advise on the best course of treatment. Treatments vary from person to person and are gender specific. If the problem is beyond the scope of trichology, you will be referred to a medical doctor who can assist you further.


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Hair Rich, a subsidiary of Citywellness Group was founded in Malaysia in 2012 by Dr Wan Julia Sham Ariffin and  Siti Farah Azwin Abd Khalid, who is also the CEO. Both are IAT (International Association of Trichologists) certified trichologists. Farah leads the professional aspect of the organization and manages the trichology realm at the company.

“Built around the fundamental goal of providing the highest level of care possible for individuals with hair loss”

All initial consultations are performed by Siti Farah Azwin Abd Khalid. Our clinics are honoured to have provided care to patients from around the world with a focus on developing a highly individualized, long-term plan.

From our Clinics in Kuala Lumpur we provide our clients with the most advanced diagnostic tools in the world, coupled with the most effective treatment for hair and scalp problems.

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Hair loss is something that affects many more men than women. Often associated with growing old, the signs of hair loss such as a receding hairline or a bald patch can cause embarrassment or anxiety in many men.Once hair has been lost it progresses in a distinctive pattern in which the scalp becomes bare but hair remains in a ‘horseshoe’pattern around the sides, just above the top of the ears.

In most cases male hair loss is caused by hereditary, age and male hormones but can also occur from the following factors:

  1. Stress
  2. Poor diet
  3. Smoking
  4. Damage from hair treatments/products
  5. Disease and illness
  6. Medication



A woman’s body goes through a lot of changes through her entire course of life. These changes can at times be a contributing factor in hair loss. But in order to treat this problem, we first need to figure out the root cause of it so that the apt treatment method can be suggested.

There are a variety of causes of female hair loss which include:

  1. Hair products
  2. Medication
  3. Menopause
  4. Thyroid conditions
  5. Pregnancy
  6. Hormonal changes
  7. Poor Diet
  8. Genetics
  9. Stress



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